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Our innate sense of stewardship allows us to adapt to an everchanging world whilst upholding traditional values, applying sound business and investment principles and delivering well-crafted solutions – all the while respecting confidentiality and the constraints of applicable compliance requirements.

Relational Service and Solutions

With a multi-jurisdictional business structure, we are able to offer a network of integrated services and solutions through our most important asset – our team. A mix of high-level training, decades of experience, continuous improvement, as well as knowledge of the local and global dynamics, means an on-point solution to our most important investment – our clients.

Trusted Experience

We manage our company for the long term and have an established legacy of trust with our clients. We’ve done this by delivering confidentiality coupled with an uncompromising commitment to quality, a pursuit of excellence, practical application and accountability.


    A Definition of Trust


We know being trustworthy cannot be reduced to pure behaviours. You can’t bottle it in a competency model. Our actions are driven by our beliefs, and our principles drive our beliefs. Trustworthy behaviour is way too complicated to fake without the beliefs and values that uphold them. For us, four specific principles are governing trustworthy behaviour:

  1. Intent focus on Another for the Other’s sake – not just as a means to one’s own ends.
  2. Collaboration – a willingness to work together, creating both joint goals and joint approaches to getting there.
  3. Adopting a medium to long term relationship perspective.
  4. Habitually being transparent in all one’s dealings.

Who we Are

 Our Story

The BTG Group (‘BTG’) is a leading provider of low-tax fiduciary and investment services. We are a boutique financial services provider whose services are designed to protect and enhance the wealth of its clients. BTG provides customised business solutions through professional service delivery from our centres of excellence in Switzerland, Jersey, Mauritius and South Africa.

These solutions include the formation and management of offshore companies and trusts from a variety of jurisdictions including the British offshore islands, the Caribbean and Mauritius. The Group also provides investment advisory and portfolio management solutions to compliment these services.

BTG has over 60 staff in its offices in Europe, Mauritius and Central and Southern Africa. Our team includes chartered accountants who were all partners with major global accounting firms, a tax consultant and other qualified experts.